Brigitte Le Normand

Brigitte Le Normand HeadshotDr. Brigitte Le Normand
Assistant Professor of History
University of British Columbia
3333 University Way
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1V 1V7

Office: ART 246

Urban History, Eastern Europe


  • Ph.D. UCLA (2007)  
  • M.A. University of Toronto (2002)
  • B.A. McGill University (2000)


HIST 115 World History from First to Second World War
Study of the emergence of the contemporary world from the origins of World War I to the aftermath of World War II.

HIST 126 History of Western Civilization, 1789 to Present
Survey of the development of Europe through the political, social, and industrial revolutions that ushered in the age of European supremacy. Examination of the World Wars and their impact on the decline of Europe.

HIST 336 Eastern Europe During the Cold War
A political, social, and cultural history of Eastern Europe from the end of the Second World War to the fall of state socialism.

HIST 443 20th-Century Russia
The history of Russia and the Soviet Union, beginning with the Russian Revolution up until the end of Communism and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

HIST 461A Topics in Urban History: the Modern European City
An examination of the changes affecting European cities starting in the 19th century, and the response to them through the nascent field of urban planning, including urbanization and planning in the Soviet Union and Eastern Bloc.

IGS 501O Urban Studies Theory and Methods
Introduces dominant theoretical and methodological approaches in the interdisciplinary field of Urban Studies.

Selected Publications

“The Gastarbajters as a Transnational Yugoslav Working Class.” In Bringing Class Back In: the Dynamics of Social Change in (Post) Yugoslavia, edited by Paul Stubbs, Igor Duda and Rory Archer. Aldershot: Ashgate, 2016.

Designing Tito’s Capital: Urban Planners, Modernism and Socialism, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2014.

“Is There a Specific Ambivalence of the Sacred? Illustrations from the Apparition of Medjugorje and the Movement of Sant'Egidio,” co-written with Mariano Barbato and Chiara De Franco, Politics, Religion and Ideology, 2012, Volume 13, Issue 1.

“The House that Socialism Built: Reform, Consumption and Inequality in Postwar Yugoslavia,” in Paulina Bren and Mary Neuberger, eds., Communism Unwrapped: Cultures of Consumption in Postwar Eastern Europe, Oxford University Press: 2012.

“Automobility in Yugoslavia Between Urban Planner, Market and Motorist: the Case of Belgrade, 1945-1972,” in Lewis Siegelbaum, ed., The Socialist Car: Automobiles in Eastern Europe, Cornell University Press: 2011.

“Urban Development in Belgrade, 1945-1980," Informationen zur Modernen Stadtgeschichte, special issue on Southern European Cities, 2009, No. 1.

“The Modernist City Reconsidered: Changing Attitudes of Social Scientists and Urban Designers in 1960s Yugoslavia,” Tokovi Istorije 2008, No. 3-4.

“The House that Socialism Built: Reform, Consumption and Inequality in Postwar Yugoslavia,” Max Weber Programme Working Paper, European University Institute, Florence, 2008.

“Make No Little Plan: Modernist Projects and Spontaneous Growth in Belgrade, 1945-1967," East Central Europe, 2006, Vol. 33, No.1-2.

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