Program Description

Courses Offered in History

History draws on the social sciences and humanities for much of its data and conceptual techniques, but remains essentially a study in the dimension of time, with methods of inquiry appropriate to such a study. The study of history provides education about the society in which we live and its past development. Since it involves examination of people in an almost unlimited variety of situations, the study of history deepens the understanding of people's capacities and failings. Properly pursued, it trains the mind to generalize on the basis of evidence and to distinguish propaganda from fact.

Major in History (BA)


Offering study opportunities in history from the dawn of civilization to the present day and covering all of the continents, the major program in history will help you understand political, economic and social change and give you the tools to analyse and form opinions based on the multiple sources of evidence that can be gathers from each historical era.

Minor in History

To complete a minor in History students must include no less than 30 credits and no more than 42 credits of History in the 120 credits required for the BA degree. At least 18 of these credits must be numbered 300 or above.

From the history of computers to the history of politics, an understanding of where we have been can often bring insight to where we will be. The minor in history is a program that will complement your major program well.

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