Honours Program

Honours Degree in History

History majors are eligible to apply to the Honours Program if by their third year they have maintained a 76% average in their History courses, have taken at least 12 credits of history, and have a 72% overall GPA. The Honours Program in History allows students to undertake a significant thesis project, guided by a faculty mentor, gain understanding of the theory and methodology of history practice, and build a sense of community within a well-prepared peer group.

In order to apply for the program, the student will submit an application to the Honours Chair and should enrol in HIST 492 during their third year. Applications to the program will be considered by the Honours Committee, and the admitted Honours candidate will be informed of their admission to the program by the beginning of their fourth year. Note: meeting the minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee admission to the program.   

During the student’s fourth year, they should plan to register for HIST 499, which entails the writing of a 40-50 page history thesis, under the supervision of an individual supervisor, and regular meetings with the student’s cohort. Prior to registration, the student is encouraged to seek out a potential advisor prior to submitting an application to the program, though the program committee will formally approve and assign supervisors to admitted students. The Honours student will write the thesis in the last two semesters of their degree. Once the thesis is complete, it will be submitted to the Honours Chair who will oversee its adjudication by the program committee.   

A student graduating with an Honours degree will be able to demonstrate their high academic performance and will possess a concrete indication, in the form of the thesis, of having the necessary preparation to undertake graduate work in the discipline. The program will also develop students’ critical thinking, oral presentation, and research skills, which are much in demand in a variety of professional activities. 

The Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences is committed to bringing research opportunities to undergraduates. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many funding opportunities, both internal and external to the university that would further their research interests and support their potential thesis projects. 

For more information, direct inquiries to:

History Honours Program Chair
UBC Okanagan
3333 University Way, Kelowna, BC V1V 1V7
Email: historyhonours@ubc.ca

History Honours Program Requirements:

Admission Requirements

  • Third-year standing;
  • Minimum of 12 credits of HIST;
  • Minimum overall average of 72%;
  • Minimum average in History courses of 76%; and
  • Submission of an application form with supporting materials. 

Graduation Requirements

  • All general program requirements for the B.A. degree and History Major, including the English, Science, Language other than English, and Distribution requirements;
  • Successful completion of HIST 492 (recommended in student’s third year) and HIST 499 (Undergraduate Honours Thesis);
  • An overall average of at least 76% in History courses;
  • An overall average of 72% in all courses;
  • A minimum of 54 credits of History, including HIST 499.

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