Ruth Frost

Dr. Ruth Frost
Associate Professor of History
The University of British Columbia
3333 University Way
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1V 1V7

Office: ART 248
Phone: (250) 807- 9407

Women’s History – Medieval, Early Modern, U.S. and Canada


  • Ph.D., History, Cambridge University (1997)
  • M.A., Medieval Studies, University of York, UK (1992)

2013/14 Academic Year Teaching

HIST 116 History of Western Civilization, 1450-1789
Survey of the major events, systems of thought, and human accomplishments that have contributed to Western civilization. Study includes events dating from approximately 1450, when developments in government, science, industry, art, and philosophy began to accelerate significantly.


HIST 430A Migration and Immigration in Europe 1000-1650
This course addresses aspects of the history of immigration and migration in and out of cities in medieval and early modern Europe. Students will investigate the causes, effects, and extent of immigration and migration in European towns and cities from 1000-1650 CE.


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Ruth Frost