Sahadeo Basdeo

Dr. Sahadeo Basdeo Dr. Sahadeo Basdeo
Associate Professor of History
The University of British Columbia
3333 University Way
Kelowna, British Columbia
V1V 1V7

Office: ART 241
Phone: (250) 807-9352

British Empire, the Caribbean, Hemispheric Relations


  • Ph.D., History, Dalhousie (1975)
  • M.A., History, University of Calgary (1972)
  • B.A., History, Political Science and International Relations, Brandon University (1970)

2012/13 Academic Year Teaching

HIST 317 History of Southern Africa

HIST 396 History of India before 1914

HIST 397 History of India Since 1914

HIST 494 Decolonization in Africa

Recent Publications


Basdeo, Sahadeo. Labour Organization and Labour Reform in Trinidad, 1919-1939.  Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Lexicon Trinidad Ltd. 2003. 265 pages

Basdeo, Sahadeo and Graeme Mount. The Foreign Relations of Trinidad and Tobago 1962-2000: the Case of a Small State in the Global Arena. Port of Spain, Trinidad: Lexicon Trinidad Ltd., 2001. 274 pages. 

Basdeo, Sahadeo and Heather Nicol. Caribbean Integration and Cooperation in the Americas: Some Contemporary Issues. Port-of-Spain, Trinidad: Lexicon Trinidad Ltd, 2006. 223 pages. 

Basdeo, Sahadeo, Heather Nicol and Michelle Zebich-Knos. Foreign Policy Toward Cuba: Isolation or Engagement. Latham: Lexington Books, 2005. 285 pages.

Basdeo, Sahadeo and Heather Nicol. Canada, the United States and Cuba: An Evolving Relationship. Miami, Florida: North-South Centre Press, 2002. 170 pages.

Journal Articles:

Basdeo, Sahadeo. “Enhancing Cooperation between India and Canada in the Era of Globalization and Deregulation,” British Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol. 19, No. 1, 2006. pp 77-97.  

Basdeo, Sahadeo. and Franz Wesley. “The Diaspora and India’s Economic Development,” Journal of Indian History. Vol LXXXIV (2005): 263-282.

Basdeo, Sahadeo and Alison Simonetti. "Canada, Cuba and the Quebec Summit of the Americas: A Justified Exclusion?" Journal of Caribbean Studies. 19.3 (Summer/Fall 2005): 189 - 206.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Canada's Response to India's Nuclear Detonations of 1974 and 1998: A Comparative Assessment". Journal of Gandhian Studies. Vol 2.1 & 2 (July 2004): 1 - 18.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Cultural Understanding in International Relations: the Case of Canada and India during the Pearson Years at the Foreign Ministry (1948-1958)". Indian Journal of Canadian Studies. 10 & 11 (2003): 1 - 12.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Anti-Asiatic Attitudes in the Construction of Race in British Columbia, Canada. 1870 - 1914". Journal of Indian History. LXXII-LXXIV (September 2003): 85 – 110.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Canada, Cuba and CARICOM: An Evolving Relationship in Hemispheric Cooperation and Integration in the 1990s". London Journal of Canadian Studies. 19 (2003 - 2004): 41 - 56.

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Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Foundation of British Caribbean Working Class Cooperation: The Case of Trinidad and British Guiana, 1906-1944". Journal of Caribbean Studies. 16.1 & 2 (Summer & Fall 2001): 45 - 60.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Mitra Sinanan and Political Consciousness Among Indians in Trinidad in the 1930s". Journal of Indian History, Platinum Jubilee Volume. (April 2001): 323 - 336.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Lester Pearson's Participatory Internationalism: Canada-India Relations Into the New Millennium". Peace Research: The Canadian Journal of Peace Studies. 32.4 (November 2000): 61 - 79.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "The 'Radical' Movement Towards Decolonization in the British Caribbean in the Thirties". Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 22.44 (1997): 127 - 146.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Cuba: Socialist Order Under Siege". Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. 18.36 (1993): 127 - 146.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Cuba in Transition". Caribbean Affairs. 5.4 (October - December 1992): 91 - 117.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Trinidad and Tobago and the International Trade Market". Caribbean Affairs. 4.2 (April-June 1991): 31 - 44.

Basdeo, Sahadeo. "Trinidad and Tobago's Role in the Regional Integration Movement". Caribbean Affairs. 4.4 (October - December 1991): 83 - 89.

Awards and Honors

  • Okanagan University College Student Association Award for Teaching Excellence, 2002
  • Past Students’ Association Award for Meritorious and Yeoman Services to the Cause of the School, Community and Country, St. Benedict’s College, Trinidad and Tabago, 1986
  • Award for Community Service, Lion’s Club of Trinidad Centaral, 1985, 1987
  • Isaak Walton Killam Scholarship, 1972-1975

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